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School Lunches

Our Early Years lunch break is from 11.30am until 12.30pm. KS1 lunch break is from 11.50am until 12.40pm and our KS2 lunch is from 12.20pm until 1.10pm.

Children may have a packed lunch or a school meal. If you/your child chooses to bring a packed lunch, we encourage the children to make healthy choices and ask that packed lunches do not contain sweets or chocolate bars.  As a safety point we request no glass bottles are brought into school. Please make us aware of any food allergies or intolerances.

Our school meals are provided by Kirklees. The following information is taken from the Kirklees website.

It is very important for all children to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Research has shown that a child's concentration levels are much greater if they have eaten a healthy, balanced meal at lunchtime.

All of our menus include:

  • Fresh seasonal fruit & vegetables
  • Local produce
  • Organic food items
  • Farm assured meat
  • Free range eggs
  • At least 75% freshly prepared
  • No undesirable additives
  • Sustainable fish

In addition to this we limit foods high in fat, sugar and salt such as deep fried foods and items containing pastry. We include oily fish, wholegrains and fruit based desserts. A freshly prepared salad bar is available each day as an optional extra.


Should your child choose to have a school lunch, you can find the menus by clicking on the images below.

 Week 1   Week 2      

These menus are rotated on a two weekly basis. Lunches are £2.10 per day or £2.30 if ordered on an adhoc basis. We ask that lunches are paid for in advance using parent pay.  Please contact the office to let us know of any alterations to a child's normal meal pattern.

Universal Free School Meals


Nick Clegg announced free school meals for every child in state funded infant schools. Every child in reception, year one and year two in state funded schools will receive a free school lunch from September 2014.If you prefer your child to have a packed lunch, please inform the office.

**If you have a child in reception, year one or year two why is it important that you still apply for free school meals? **

Children who's families are eligible for free school meals attract additional funding for schools known as Pupil Premium. Pupil Premuim is £1300 per year per child and provides the school with additional money to support your child to achieve their potential.  It is extremely important that you apply if you think you are eligble as the school will receive £1300 for 6 years for your child. 

What do you need to know about free school meals?

Am I entitled to free school meals and how do I apply?

Please use the link here for more information on who is entitled to free school meals and how to apply.