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Here at Brighter Futures we view transition as a period in life that involves lots of change to your lifestyle or daily routine. We strive to make any transition in school a positive experiences for our pupils. However some children may find transitions stressful. In order to ensure transitions run smoothly we have a variety of strategies and experiences that we offer the children in order to support them emotionally.
As all children are different and experience different anxieties in a variety of situation please speak to you class teacher if you or your child has any concerns. Please also let us know if you have a change in circumstances at home that make effect your child/ren.
Transition forms part of our PSHE curriculum and is linked to our citizenship programme. Developing resilience is one of the characteristics we promote as part of our school values.  By developing the following characteristics Motivation, Integrity, Reflectivity, Responsibility, Open mindedness and Resilience, children will be more able to cope with transitions.
Transitions are not just limited to changes of year groups or schools but can be subtle changes like change in routines for example. In our schools transition is closely linked to supporting children's mental health and developing cultural capital.