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Relationships and Sex Education

From September 2020, all  primary schools must deliver relationships education. We believe Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is about physical, moral and emotional development. It is about the understanding of the importance of committed relationships for family life, stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care. Our intent at Brighter Futures Academy Trust is to teach our children about positive relationships and respect for others, and how these are linked to promoting good mental health and well-being. Supporting our children to become confident in talking, listening and thinking about feelings and relationships. Providing them with the knowledge to understand the physical development of their bodies as they grow into Adults. 

SRE contributes to the foundation of PSHE scheme of work by ensuring all children: 

  • Develop confidence in talking, listening and thinking about feelings and relationships. 
  • Are able to name parts of the body and describe how their bodies work 
  • Can protect themselves and ask for help and support 
  • Are prepared for puberty 

Our PSHE scheme of work, which covers the 2020 statutory requirements relating to the new SRE curriculum has been developed in conjunction with the National Curriculum for Science. The aims of which are to teach the children about: 

  • The physical development of their bodies at they grow into adults; 
  • The way humans reproduce; 
  • Respect for their own bodies and the importance of sexual activity as part of a committed, long-term, loving relationship; 
  • The importance of family life; 
  • Moral questions; 
  • Relationship issues including friendships, bullying and self-esteem; 
  • Respect for the views of other people; 
  • What they should do if they are worried about any sexual matters; 
  • To feel comfortable when talking about more sensitive issues. 

This is to help and support young people through their physical, emotional and moral development. This policy, embedded within the PSHE scheme of work will help young people learn to respect themselves and others, and move with confidence from childhood through adolescence into adulthood. 

Sex and relationship education is enhanced by our supportive school ethos, where all are valued and encouraged, positive relationships are seen as important and there is a safe and secure school environment, which is conducive to learning.