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Times Tables Challenge

Click on the link below to test your time table skills. Once you feel confident come along to one of the time table challenge sessions at lunchtime and see if you can beat the clock.


You can also click on the links below to print off your own copies of the tests. 


1 Star

2 Stars

3 Stars




 1 star- recite your 1-12 times tables in order. 



2 stars- recite your 1-12 times tables in any order and you must know the language of multiplication. 


3 stars- recall multiplication and division facts for tables 1-12 and know the language associated with division for example: divisor, divide, share equally, quotient. 


Ultimate- recite square numbers up to 12 squared; and the associated square roots; cube numbers up to 12 cubed; all prime numbers <100; be able to recognise factors for numbers.