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Our Curriculum

We believe that all children have the entitlement to a broad, balanced, creative and coherent curriculum which should prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century. They should be equipped with the skills, attitudes and dispositions they need to become well rounded individuals and life-long learners whilst instilling the love of learning.

In order for children to learn to think for themselves the curriculum should be enquiry based. It is important that children are responsible for their own learning enabling them to plan and show initiative; persevere and have a commitment to self-improvement.

The curriculum aims to:

  • Promote and sustain a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning.
  • Create a sense of wonder in its pupils.
  • Promote inclusion, diversity and community cohesion.
  • Keep up with technology.
  • Encourage children to work independently and cooperatively.
  • Ensure that children are taught to become enterprising.
  • Develop emotional intelligence and raise aspirations.
  • Help to make children socially responsible.
  • Contribute very well to pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural     development.
  • Ensure that all pupils realise their potential.
  • Ensure that children achieve high standards across a variety of subjects.
  • Ensure that all children are taught the essential knowledge in the subject discipline
  • Please use the link below to find out about the changes to the New Curriculum 


 The Curriculum

We teach a thematic based curriculum. Each theme has been carefully chosen based on the interests of the children and to enable us to deliver exciting learning experiences.

Popular books that share the common theme are used to teach reading and writing. Eg. One of our year five themes is based around Harry Potter.

Most curriculum subjects are taught through the theme which is used as the vehicle to teach specific skills. Again sticking to the Harry Potter theme – sketching is linked to a falconry visit where the children can draw owls.

PSHCE (personal, social, health and citizenship), SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural) education are interwoven within these themes. Eg. In the year 3 we will rock you theme, where the pupils study the stone age, we debate the fur industry and its use in fashion. One of the children suggested the following slogan,

“Fake Fur is a life saver.”

This year we have also embarked on implementing the Rights Respecting Schools principles into our curriculum. The Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) is an initiative run by UNICEF UK, which encourages schools to place the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) at the heart of its ethos and curriculum.

We strongly believe in providing an interesting and varied curriculum for all our pupils. Termly trips and a variety of visitors enhance lessons and add a 'Wow' factor to teaching and learning. We are extremely fortunate to have two mini buses at school that enable us to travel far and wide.








During their time at Luddendenfoot we currently offer three residentials. These give the children fantastic opportunities to overcome personal challenges

Year 4 – Robinwood

Year 4 have traditionally visited Robinwood for a 1 night residential where the experience rock climbing, caving, archery, night lighting and The Piranha Pool

Year 5 – Edale

Year 5 have traditionally visited Edale for a three day residential where the children experience crate climbing, abseiling, orienteering amongst other things.

Year 6 – London

For the past three years we have visited London with the year 6 pupils from Luddendenfoot, Siddal and Field Lane. During the three days we

Visit the House of Parliament

See a show (Matilda, Lion King)

Visit the Harry Potter Museum



We use a play based interactive approach to deliver the Early Years curriculum which focuses on seven key areas of learning. Our pupils use the indoor classroom and outdoor areas choosing from a range of activities throughout sessions. Reading, writing and maths are taught using a structured approach with whole class and small group adult lead activities.

KS1 and KS2

Morning lessons focus on the teaching of basic skills, reading, writing and maths.

Reading is taught using a structured phonics programme as well as in small group and individual reading sessions with adults. All pupils use their reading skills across the curriculum to develop their understanding and to promote their enjoyment of reading.

We use a book banded system from reception followed by Accelerated Reader as children move into key stage 2.

Writing is taught in daily literacy lessons, with further opportunities in other curriculum areas being provided for pupils to write for 'real ' purposes eg/ letters, newspaper articles, posters. We use a cursive writing script with pupils from year 1 throughout school.

Maths is taught using in daily maths lessons. 'Numicon' is an example of one of the many resources which we use in all classes to enhance maths teaching and ensure that abstract conceptions start life in concrete experiences. 

For more information on what each year group is taught please see the class pages.



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